Learn Aerial is a hub for aerial artists and appreciators. It was started by Lisa Jamhoury, an aerial instructor and performer, to answer the most common questions aerial students ask about schools, venues, companies and events.

It also aims to be a resource for instructors and performers looking to promote their events and keep up with their community.

Currently Learn Aerial serves New York City only, be in touch if you are interested in starting up a similar site in your city.

If you notice something missing or incorrect, or want us to include your upcoming classes, events and workshops in the event listings please get in touch.


  • Lisa Jamhoury

    Lisa Jamhoury

    Lisa Jamhoury has been adorning airspace in Brooklyn and beyond since early 2009. She performs and choreographs aerial dance pieces on various apparatuses. When she needs a bit of grounding, she dons a pair of stilts or grabs her fire poi. She has performed across the United States, from New York to Hawaii in several venues including Brooklyn Bowl, Urban Outfitters, and Soho Mixed Media Bar in Honolulu. Lisa co-choreographed a three-part aerial performance for TEDx Brooklyn 2011.

  • Heather Campbell

    Heather Campbell

    Heather Campbell has been practicing aerial silks for the past few years in the New York area and is one of Lisa's first students. Years before starting to learn aerial, Heather's interest was sparked at circus events where she was a clown and juggler. For Heather, aerial provides a counterbalance to her otherwise cerebral life as a PhD student of speech science.

  • Molly Schwartz

    Molly Schwartz

    Molly Schwartz is a librarian, writer, and audio producer. She works at the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), where she produces a podcast called Library Bytegeist. You can find her on Twitter @mollyfication.