How to Get Started Learning Aerial

Want to learn aerial? This site can help you get started.

I’ve been documenting the mix of euphoria and torture that is learning aerial in my last three blog posts. I’ve been honest about the highs and the lows. For those of you out there who are undeterred by the finger arthritis and jealous of my growing bicep muscles, I have good news for you. You can learn aerial too! That’s what this whole site is about, in fact. Here’s how you do it:

Go to the "Listings" page on If you are looking to take intro classes at an aerial school, you can simply select “school,” “classes,” and the city where you are looking.

Right now we have mostly listings in New York City and San Francisco, but we'd love to include other locations as well. If you know another school or venue that should be listed, please enter it here and we'll add it to the site! 

Cover photo: A student of the National School of Circus performs aerial acrobatics on the Artists' promenade during the International Jazz Festival of Montreal. Photo by Jeangagnon