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Emerald Kington

Venue: House of Yes
Date: March 17, 2018

You are cordially invited to join is on a night of Royal Revelry, in celebration of saints. Kings, Queens and Castles built by legends and lore graciously rule the night, covered in opulence and emeralds.

We insist that you don your finest brightest royal cloths and crowns in the shades of gold and green, emerald, shamrock, gilded and gorgeous, treasures and crystals galore.
See more inspiration here:

Dance in verdant divinity of our court, become a knight of virtue under the the fullest of moons and most fateful stars. Frolic with faeries and mythical creatures from Gaelic lands. Expresseth thy truest and most noble self in the Emerald Kingdom.

::: MUSIC :::
Eli Escobar b2b Eli Soul Clap All Night Long

Front Room:
David Kiss
Mira Fahrenheit

Libations & Potions
Faeries & Fauna
Fortunes & Fate
Pots of gold.
Dragons of Envy & Evil
Performances & Princesses
Jousting & Juggling
Aerial Dance Majesty
Fools of Magic & Merriment
Coronations & Courtly dances
Knights & Suitors from far away lands

21+ | No Re-Entry
*Free before 11pm with RSVP only on Eventbrite*

Behave with beauty, connect with intention.
We are obsessed with CONSENT.
Always ASK before touching anyone in our House.
Anyone who cannot follow this simple rule
will be escorted to the sidewalk.

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