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Flying High

Venue: House of Yes
Date: April 20, 2018

Lift your spirits, elevate your life. Take off, blast off and get high in the friendly skies with Yes Air on Flight 420! Aerial aviation of the highest altitudes, soaring spectacles beyond the stratosphere and beautiful beats to keep you flying and floating through the solar system & dance floor all night long.

Inspiration Here:
Flight Attendant excellence, Retro Rocket babes, Air Force, Flight suits & jumpsuits, Astronauts & Aviators, Pilots and Captains of every kind. Amelia Earhart & The Wright Brothers, Tourists & travelers, birds, bees, bats, butterflies, anything with WINGS! Stewardess of the Skies, 420 kitsch couture, any style that gets your vibes higher!

First Class Fanciness
Things that Fly
Runways & Crash Landings
Air Force & Top Gun
Aerial Performance Spectacles
Flight School
Tiny bags of Snacks served by real Flight Attendants!
Real Rockets!

21+ | No Re-Entry

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