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Gala Galactica

Venue: House of Yes
Date: Sept. 23, 2017

We’re here from the future to give you everything you could ever hope for.
This is your invitation to utopia, your evening of intergalactic art, celestial elegance and deep space dancefloor exploration.

::: Galactic Looks Are Required For Gala Entry :::
Wear your most glamourous galactic styles. Dress in your most future fashion perfect self. Wear extraterrestrial extravagance and curious cosmic creations. The future is bright, shine brighter. Be the star. Costume Inspiration here:
Luxuriate in the immersive installations of technology presented by artists and astro-futurists for Bushwick Open Studios. Celebrate artificial intelligence and real love through art in the age of infinity.

::: Music :::
Waze + Odyssey
Whitney Fierce

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