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Get Wet

Venue: House of Yes
Date: June 15, 2018

Submerge yourself in a wet & wild night of celebration. Soak in the vibes, mingle with mermaids, splash and swim in the dance floor sea.

:::: DRESS CODE :::

Pool boy, pool babes, bae watch, summer chic, aquatic everything.

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::::: MUSIC :::::

Funky, happy, house vibes! Sammy Bananas celebrates the release of his album “Someday” on Fool’s Gold tonight!! Featuring Dance Diva Kaleena Zanders, soul slanger Amy Douglas, and HOY’s own Steven Klavier - all singing live to make you feel alive! Fool’s Gold head honcho Nick Catchdubs fills out the bill to welcome the new album into the world.

Sammy Bananas
Nick Catchdubs
Zephyr Ann
Amy Douglas (LIVE)
Steven Klavier (LIVE)
Kaleena Zanders (LIVE)

::::: Featuring :::::
Undersea Visuals
Mermaids of every variety
Pool boys & swim toys
Aquatic aerial extravaganzas
Artisanal water bar
Biodegradable glitter by BioGlitz

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