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Venue: House of Yes
Date: March 16, 2018

Illuminate your life! Enlighten your inner light! Tonight we initiate you into our secret society of sparkle. Let the glitter be your guide into the divine night.

**Sparkles, Glitter, and Glitz are mandatory for entry!** Wear your most shiney styles! Inspiration:

Let your soul shine the highest, let your light be the loudest.

Glimmer. Glow. Own your radiance. Welcome to the Glitterati.

Sustainable, biodegradable glitter available, courtesy of Bioglitz !!

::: Music :::

Greg Wilson
David Paglia
Ryan Clover
Fabi Jugo
Mira Fahrenheit

::: Featuring :::

Glimmer Goddess Readings
Sparkle Motion Dancers
Sacred Sparkle Spectacles & Aerial Brilliance
Glitter Bombs
Edible Glitter
Wearable Glitter
Glitter Blessings
Glitter Showers & Baths
Glamour Shots
Sparkle Ponies

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