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Voice Cult: Come Sing (with Aerials)

Venue: House of Yes

Voice Cult: Sing. Connect. Express. Heal. Singing together can be closer than touching.

::::: About Voice Cult :::::

ON the first Saturday of every month at House of Yes, we ask you to travel from near and far, and to bring your voice to us. You have been singing since the beginning of time. We connect, align, vibrate, express, process, remember, forget, wish, apologize, forgive, go into altered states, heal ourselves and each other, flee, find, talk to dead grandfathers, lure each other into love, become our own mothers, and paint the room with iridescence. And frequently we have no idea what the hell we are doing, which is okay too.

If you can speak, then you can sing - even if you have only ever croaked out thin ratchety wisps of songs and especially if your mom told you that you were tone-deaf in the fourth grade. If you are a great singer, come because you love singing, the more the merrier.

We perform vocal healing rituals. We sing through the colors of the rainbow. We sing in circles. We sing on the floor. We sing for aerialists flying through the sky. We hug our own shadows while singing Soundgarten. We are irreverent and we like to try new things.

What will we sound like together? Let’s feel things. Singing together can be closer than touching. We are a cult dedicated to the truthgasmic song of our own souls. For more info on Voice Cult, please visit our website:

::::: Daisy Press :::::

Daisy Press is the head priestess of our Voice Cult. She is a prominent interpreter of experimental classical music in the US and Europe. As the principal singer at the House of Yes, she has most likely brought you to tears and perhaps to your knees in Ketamine: the Musical, The Xmas Spectacular and many more.

As a vibrant and compassionate teacher, Daisy utilizes a powerful synergistic mix of Western classical/pop vocal technique, sound healing, and borrows from North Indian ragas to coax her students into a fully-embodied, joyful manifestation of their vocal, emotional, and spiritual potential. To share a room with her is already a healing magical experience, to sing with her is a rare privilege.

The suggested donation, to be offered at the time of the event, is $10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Doors at 1:30PM | Singing starts at 2PM

::::: Upcoming VOICE CULT dates :::::

Oct 7th
Nov 4th
Dec 2nd
Jan 6th


Q: Is Voice Cult really a cult?


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